Give all NHS staff a decent pay rise

Everyone in the NHS deserves a pay rise.  That is why we are asking the Government to give all staff a pay rise of at least 2K and to pay it early.

UNISON have submitted the pay claim to the Government to receive an increase by the end of this year.  This rise is the equivalent of around £1.00 per hour for all staff.  UNISON consider this pay demand which is on behalf of staff currently on Agenda for Change to be fair, reasonable and the least the Government can do to show it values everyone working in the Health Service.

Now the clapping has stopped the Government need to find the money and ensure public service workers get a decent pay rise.

Read the letter from UNISON to Prime Minister Boris Johnson here…

Best wishes and stay safe,

Liz Mawson
Asst Branch Secretary and Lead Steward
UNISON Barnsley Health Branch